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Calgary door locks - Some choices to think about.

There are a lot of choices when you install a new front or rear doorway by AtwoZ. Find the right one that secures your space and complements your new investment.

By Guest Blogger – Wolfgang Reger, Authorized Security, Calgary You’ve installed your new Calgary door and windows from AtwoZ Windows and Doors--and now it’s time to decide–do you re-install your current lock system, or do you invest in a new advanced lock system that integrates technology as well as matching your home’s new look. Your first step is to research all your options available in-store, online, security service provider or locksmith. In the case of saving money on your monthly home insurance, your choice could ultimately make a difference in your family budget. Remember than any lock, alarm security or monitoring system doesn’t guarantee 100% protection, but it certainly reduces the potential for break-in success. Let’s begin with bolt and knob locks: Buying a lock for your doors means that is has to pass the high standards of the Canadian Standards Authority (CSA) in order for it to be sold in Canada. Product grades can range from grades One to Three, but to keep it simple, we’re using Good, Better and Best in this article, with three being the highest in terms of function and material strength. This standard may not be found on items you buy out of the country from a discount website. In case of a break-in, your insurance company will decide if the lock was approved by their standards. If not, you could be compromising your coverage. Good Quality: Spring-Latch Spring latch locks, also known as slip bolts, provide minimal security, and are the least expensive and easiest to install. They work by locking the doorknob of the door, thus preventing the release of a spring-loaded latch that fits into the doorframe. The downside is that these are easy to break through with a hammer or small crowbar. A metal plate may slow them down, but not prevent intrusion. These are typically made with a metal alloy blend to keep costs low, but you can purchase them in steel as well. Better Quality: Deadbolt Locks A deadbolt lock most common for doors in Calgary and area households. When inserting and turning the key, the bolt cylinder slides to the right about one inch into the slot in the metal-plated door jamb.  On the interior side, a knob simply moves the bold, securing it at night. These locks are either made of brass, metal alloy or solid ply steel. These are more durable than spring latch but still stand a chance of being disengaged with a prying tool. Best Quality: Cylinder Deadbolts A better and more serious investment on your new door is the a deadbolt (single or double cylinder) mounted vertically or horizontally. The difference is that there is a separation of the lock from the door’s jamb and when the bold is turned, it locks into a set of strong metal rings that are in the frame of the door. These ensure pry-proof protection. The double cylinder provides the opportunity to lock with a key on both sides of the door–so that if a burglar breaks a window next to your door, they can’t turn a latch and make their way in. You may need to consider the safety involved in this dual key option, as it can prevent easy exit in a fire or other emergency. These types of locks can be very fancy or very simple. It’s up to you to determine the best look for your front-entry’s impression and peace of mind for you and your family.

Now, let’s explore digital locks and systems: Smart or electronic/digital lock and security systems can give you some really advanced options to control traffic into your home, even while you away. They come equipped with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification–a second choice for entry which uses a fob or swipe card) , PIN Keypads, Bluetooth,or Fingerprint (biometric) capabilities.

Some electronic locks also have a key option for a backup. Sounds slick and complicated, but once programmed, it’s easy to maintain and more controllable in several situations. In case the keyboard fails in electronic locks, apps on your cell phone can cut to the chase and automatically unlock or lock the system whether you are in the house or across the world. If the kids come home and are locked out because they have lost their key, you can unlock the door digitally and with small motion detecting cameras installed, you can keep an eye (and an ear) on who is coming and going. It’s a good tool to have if there are deliveries at  your door as well.

Smart or Automated Home Systems also complement your locks by having invasion sensors at key traffic areas, and can also be programmed to detect flooding, fire, or health issues. You can even control heating and cooling in your home, programming it to warm up or cool off just before you arrive, saving on it running all day while no one is home. These systems can be easily installed as stand-alone's, or part of a whole-home automation package. Have more questions about how to make the most of your newly installed Calgary windows and doors? Call the team at AtwoZ Windows and Doors at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email For information on Calgary home and commercial security and fire safety systems, contact Authorized Security.

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Dec 22, 2021

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Oct 26, 2021

Door locks are hard to choose and no one knows which door lock is suitable for a particular door so it is important to contact a locksmith to select the right door lock.


Oct 19, 2021

My suggestion is to install deadbolts on the front door lock as these are the best security door locks for home and in order to get these locks, you need to contact a locksmith.


Oct 14, 2021

Is there any locksmith who can help me choosing the right door locks for my garage door?


Oct 07, 2021

Selecting the door locks for your home doors isn't that easy but if you call locksmith in your location, they will recommend you to get the best suitable door locks for your home doors for better security.

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