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Want to replace your Calgary Windows? Where do you begin?

Are you tired of your heating bill constantly going up every month, especially during the chilly winters we experience here in C

algary? Are some of your windows are compromised or broken in some way, and you have been holding off having them repaired or replaced? And given the low real estate climate, may you are thinking about staying put and enhancing your home’s exterior appearance?

If any of these situations relate to you, then perhaps you are in the market for new Calgary windows. The team at A two Z Windows & Doors  reasons you should consider a window replacement through the discussing the benefits and potential hazards that can be averted.

SOLARBAN® 60 glass while showcasing OPTIGRAY® glass

The first and perhaps most obvious reason to consider a window replacement is to reduce high energy costs, especially now that the Alberta carbon tax affects every home owner. Very few people realize that every window can contribute to either losing or saving energy costs annually.

This is particularly true if you have windows that don’t offer adequate cold or heat protection. Funny, most homeowners only make the connection of higher energy expenses to winter, but given the hot climate in Alberta in summer, you could also spend more on air conditioning or fan flow on you furnace if your windows are outdated and insufficient. As a result, you may be causing your air conditioning work harder than it should.

There are some great choices available through our partner suppliers, including Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors in Calgary, and JELD-WEN Canada–two reliable manufacturers who deliver reliable performance no matter the season.

Energy efficient windows help maintain a comfortable indoor environment and ultimately, pay of in the end. There are a variety of glass choices that can help save energy to check out in the A two Z Windows Section. Low-E, or low emissivity glass has been coated with a low-emittance material designed to reflect heat. A window made with low emissivity glass repels ultraviolet rays that cause heat during summer months, but absorbs them and lets the heat in during winter. This type of glass can help you significantly lower your energy bills all year long.

Sun blocker finishes on your new windows can also protect your furniture, flooring and electronics inside. Talk to use about Solarban, created by PPG, and sold through A Two Z, can help protect the interior of your Calgary home while helping save energy.  We also ensure that our products match the Energy Star classification.

Security can also be a priority, so we ensure to suggest the best choices for opening, locking mechanisms, child safety and durability.

Replacing your windows for remodeling purposes or adding value to a pre-sale, new windows are a great way to draw attention to the property and precipitate a sale much faster. Replace your Calgary windows means you boost the aesthetic value of your place on the outside, but it also enhance the look, feel and light factor of your house on the inside as well. Add a special touch such as a bow, bay or fixed window in a special style to add panache that creates envy on your block.

Regardless of whether you are in need of new windows as a result of an existing problem or you are simply looking for an easy way to enhance the  street of your space, window replacement should be a viable solution worth looking into. Your investment will pay off over a few seasons, you will increase the value of  your property and create a more comfortable living experience.

Let’s start you on the road to replacing your Calgary Windows. Call A two Z Windows & Doors today at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email us.

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