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Calgary Windows -- Replace in stages or the whole shebang?

You’ve finally made up your mind to invest in new Calgary windows and/or doors. That’s fantastic! But do you know which windows really need replacing or do you believe all your windows and doors need updating?

Sometimes homes only require a partial replacement, and just a few full replacements completed. Or if the house is older and the windows are all the same, and all contributing to energy loss, safety and security concerns, or they are broken or not working properly, then full replacement may be the best decision.

You may be wondering just how much is involved money-wise, as well as time, planning and installation requirements. And how about the types of windows that best suit your home’s architecture, use and energy use? There are lots of questions and answers to be reviewed. The A two Z Windows & Doors team deals with these every day, so let’s review some of the steps involved, and the curiosity behind it, to help you feel confident in your upcoming investment:

How many windows can I replace at a time? You can install a single window, or go one floor or direction of your home (front, back), at a time, or do the whole thing, you get to plan ahead according to need, budget or desire. Our team takes you through the process of deciding what you want, and what your home needs first in order to determine where your money can and should go.

What do A two Z customers typically do in planning Calgary window or door replacements? Most Calgary homeowners are ready to replace all of their windows at the same time, which gets the job done and they don’t have to worry about planning ahead. Other homeowners will choose to only replace key windows and exterior doors that boost the curb appeal of a home, or pose a security or energy efficiency risk and then plan ahead for the follow year or two to replace the rest. For others, if they are planning on selling quickly and they have the budget, they may replace all of the windows to increase the value of the home. They also choose windows and doors from our supplier partners that offer lifetime warranty coverage that shifts over to the new owner, which makes it more appealing to buyers. It’s really up to what you can afford and are willing to spend in the short or long term.

What is a full window installation? It basically means the whole window gets replaced with a new window, frame, molding and if required, trim. Full replacement gives you quality coverage and takes care of any outstanding gaps and hardware/operational issues. You can trust that the windows you have replaced will match what you need right now and in the future.

What is a partial window installation? This could only require the sash itself to be replaced especially if it is rotted out (typical if its wood-based). If the window and frame are in sound condition, no broken panes, cracks or seam/seal issues, then partial is recommended. This saves you money in the long run, only if the window can carry on its purpose fully and safely. If upon installation, it is found that the frame is damaged, or there are leaks detected, a full replacement of that window may be required, so add a contingency amount in your budget, just in case.

What are the windows and doors made of? Vinyl and fiberglass are the proven and tested choice for frame and window construct for Alberta weather. Since we have such harsh conditions during summer and winter, these two elements seem to stand up best. In the realm of exterior doors, steel is also an excellent element. Thankfully, you don’t have to settle for the standard look and mechanism. There are so many choices according to style and budget, which can add more personality, value and function to your home. Since most windows and doors are built to be energy efficient by regulatory law, these costs are built into the expense of the window, so there are no extra surprises. If you wish, and for a cost, you can add solar control finishes to your windows to protect your home’s interior furnishings and flooring while helping to regulate heat and cool in side your home.

How do I choose the right windows according to need and budget? The A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary team can help you find the most affordable, long-term performance solutions that fit your needs. Our partner suppliers including Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors, JELD-WEN Canada, and Masonite. Each company has been curated to deliver quality products that are reliable, and strong warranty coverage. Well make honest recommendations that match not only with your home’s look and family’s lifestyle, we will also ensure that your new windows also contribute to saving you money on energy costs.

Whether it’s a partial or full replacement for your home’s windows and doors, you need to feel confident in your options and choices. You may have certain priorities, such as energy efficiency, curb appeal, functionality–and whatever your requirements, the A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary team can find solutions that fit our needs and budget. Contact us at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email us any time.

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