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Calgary Hail Damage: What you can do right now.

If you've just experienced a brutal wind and hail storm in Calgary, recovering from the experience can be overwhelming. Once you get over the shock and awe, it's time to think smart and organize. Perhaps your siding is pelted with holes and is missing a few pieces. Maybe your windows are cracked or broken. Not unusual in these parts, but necessary to replace immediately to prevent your interior structure from being affected by moisture buildup without proper protection. It can also lower the value of your home, especially if you are looking to sell soon. SCAM ALERT: Please beware of individuals and companies going door to door claiming to repair your roof, siding and windows. Some Calgary NE residents have already been approached after a storm for a 'free' estimate and then receive an invoice. Please be careful and do not agree to any work or estimate service until you have spoken to your insurance company first. They will arrange an estimator to review the damage, which may take a few days.

Your first step is to contact A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary as well as your insurance company to see if you are covered. A two Z experts can provide a quick assessment to determine the extent of the damage. They will also present you with a choice of you contacting your insurance company to see if you qualify for coverage, or you can allow the A two Z team of exterior experts to do it for you in order to get repairs or replacement moving in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at what kind of damage can happen to your siding and stucco in Calgary–these may be regarded as an “act of God”, and should not normally raise your rate–but that is not a guarantee.

Wind–A good wind can tear off pieces of siding due to a hefty storm, such as a tornado, snow squall or a strong chinook.

Hail/Debris–Whether it’s chunks of hail or debris from a wind storm, aluminum or vinyl siding or stucco can take a beating, leaving chips and cracks and holes. Alternatively, you may not even notice the damage (dents and scrapes). A good time of day to view damage is late day or early morning where shadows show up. Even dented siding or stucco can compromise the durability of the elements that protect your home’s exterior. You may need to place tarp on top of your siding or board up windows until your claim is processed and these aspects are repaired. The older your siding, especially it if has exceeded its warranty time, may also be very susceptible to hail damage.

Your first step is to take photos and/or video of the damage for your own records, and definitely ignore the storm chasing repair companies that go door to door. Instead, trust established Renomark approved companies such as AtwoZ Windows & Doors Calgary (which specializes in whole-home solutions) to give you an honest assessment and quote of how you should proceed with your damaged siding. You can also contact your insurance company, who will send out an appraiser to determine the extent and what your options are.

Have your policy number and information ready, and don’t wait to start the claim. The sooner you do, the faster it can be processed. However, if the storm has affected a lot of homeowners, insurance and replacement companies will put you into the queue to get your claim processed and start you on the road to replacement. Be patient in this process, but stay on them with regular communications.

Many homeowners are unaware that after your assessment, you have the freedom to choose whatever certified installer you prefer. You are not bound to the requirements of your insurance company’s recommendations. That puts the power of choice in your hands.

You have the freedom to choose the trusted exterior experts at A two Z Windows & Doors to do the installation without delay or pricing issues. We will visit your property and draft an estimate for the insurance company’s claims department.  If your selected vendor is not A two Z or is not on the insurance company’s approved list, you need to do your homework to ensure the company you choose is backed by proper licensing and certifications.

If there is additional damage, such as to windows, roofing, soffit, fascia and eaves, you are able to include this in your claim, and this can also be replaced by A two Z team through your insurance broker.

Once A two Z Windows & Doors is approved as your contractor, you will then be required to pay the standard deductible according to your plan. Depending on the age of  your home, you may also have to pay extra for depreciation costs, such as an older roof that has exceeded its coverage period. Your annual insurance rates may also rise as a result of outdated coverage–ask your insurance agent regarding this.

The team at A two Z Windows & Doors has helped thousands of homeowners with their storm claims in Calgary. We provide solid, reliable customer service and a stress-free experience. Give us a call at 403-256-DOOR (3667) or email us.

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