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The Calgary patio door--which one is best?

  • The mainstay of summer--the Calgary patio door. They let light in, make it easy to get in and out between kitchen and barbeque. But the sun exposure can also create some damage to your flooring and furniture, plus it needs to be durable to prevent home invasion. Here are some tips on how to choose the right one that looks great and is functional and safe.

composite doors are a mainstay for the busy lives of Albertans. Not only do they come in attractive patio door styles. They are also durable for keeping heat in during chilly winters and the heat out in our hot, dry summers. Fiberglass composite doors are made from a balance mix of fiberglass and resin. They are also more durable than wooden patio doors, which just don’t cut it in the prairies.

As they are machine manufactured, you can order customized composite doors to fit you needs and requirements, specially the different kinds of patio doors. If you want to install a fiberglass composite patio door, there are some things to consider.

Patio doors are one of the most popular features of any Calgary home. They provide convenient access while creating unimpeded views that flood interior spaces with natural light. While old-style patio doors are notorious for heat loss, leakage and poor security, modern doors offer more reliable and proven improvements. The door frames and glass of sliding French or Vinyl patio doors, or fiberglass garden doors are more energy efficient, with multi-point locks for better security. Plus, they offer much more effective flashing that stop leaking around the bottom and top.

The windows and doors sold through A two Z Windows & Doors Calgary are sold with energy efficiency in mind, namely from JELD-WEN, Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors and Masonite, these products help Alberta home owners save money on energy costs. Some extra perks include extra caulking and weatherstripping, which cut out drafts. The well-made patio doors also collect solar energy and trap natural sources of heat and light to reduce the need for additional heating in winter. As well, our door selections offer low-e glass, argon-filled insulated panes and superior weatherstripping to get the best performance and lower heating and cooling costs. Some factors to consider are R-value, U-factor, Low-E glass, UV coatings and other glass options.

Choosing a patio door style often comes down to a matter of aesthetics, fit, egress direction and functionality. The three basic patio door styles and a brief description of each.

  • Calgary Sliding Patio Doors – sometimes called gliding doors or bypass doors – are extremely popular. They let in a lot of natural light and are easy to maintain. Sliding doors consist of two or more individual panels, at least one of which slides back and forth on hidden rollers. The sliding panels can be combined with fixed panels to create dramatically broad expanses of glass. Panels slide parallel to the wall so they don’t interfere with furniture placement or walking areas. These can come in different sizes of course, which AtwoZ Windows & Doors can coordinate to match your needs and decor.

  • French Sliding Patio Doors – Similar to sliding patio doors, these also have full view glass panels and have two or more individual panels. They have a frame that resembles a French panel design with all the perks of a sliding door.

  • Garden Patio Doors – this type of door actually has a post in the center to give stability to the frame, with a two doors available in inswing or outswing options. Outswing is most popular for decks and patios in Calgary.

  • You can also purchase patio doors with adjustable blinds for solar control, or consider having finishes such as Solarban 60 to keep heat and cool inside and protect your furnishings and flooring during a hot sunny Calgary summer. You can also install custom blinds inside the window panes (a speciality from Alberta Vinyl Windows and Doors), which can let in diffused light, but lower heat and UV exposure. Other perks of sliding doors include storm-resistant glass, thick and tough to resist breakage from hail. There are also multiple tracks that reinforce the strength of the glass and fiberglass framing. A built-in screen also prevents bugs and debris from getting inside. Depending on your lifestyle and home traffic needs, the right Calgary patio doors can pay or itself, increase security, light, energy efficiency and add value to your home when it comes time to sell. For more information on the best Calgary patio door options and prices, contact the AtwoZ Windows & Doors experts at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email us

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