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Got a historic home that needs Calgary renovations?

Paying homage to your home’s history takes a bit of research, and the AtwoZ Windows & Doors team can help you find the perfect match. The goal is to preserve the original beauty and integrity while ramping up energy efficiency, technology, safety and functionality.

A historic restoration isn't a cheap trick of the eye. It can be quite a lengthy and careful investment, so it’s always a good idea to consider several aspects from top to bottom before you begin:

  1. The age of your home: The City of Calgary and other local municipalities may have restoration codes you need to follow if you home’s building date falls within their guidelines. You can find out more here about historic properties in Calgary.

  2. The stage of your home: What needs replacing or restoring and what can you live with or without? If it is a heritage home, you will have to possibly use materials that are approved by the municipality. It’s a good idea to get an inspection done to find out what is aged beyond repair and requires full replacement.

  3. The level of restoration you want or what is required: Perhaps the home has already gone through renovations before 100 years, so there may be other issues existing that need attention and re-do. Make sure to identify these aspects into your budget and timeline.

  4. The areas that need attention: From the Calgary roof, to siding, windows, doors, and foundation, there could be several aspects

  5. The style of your home: Since architectural design will dictate what you can do, our experts can assist in finding the right Calgary windows, doors and siding that fit perfectly and still give a sense of nostalgia while keeping true to the original design.

  6. Grant coverage: There may be some financial support available through grants in Alberta through the Historical Resources Foundation.

  7. Your budget: There are stages that you can choose can be based on need or desire. The A two Z team can help you with that, especially in choosing your windows and doors in key levels or areas first, then continue replacement of the remainder at a later date.

  8. The materials you need: See if the restoration standards allow for durable materials that look like the real thing, such as fiberglass doors that have a wood grain look that can stand up to Alberta winters and still fall into the standards set by the municipality.

Our supplier partners, including Alberta Vinyl Windows & Doors, JELD-WEN Canada and Masonite, GAF, CanExel, James Hardie, all provide tough and architecturally suited choices for all the elements that that make your Alberta heritage property as good as new.

Know What to Research

Become familiar with your home by getting a definition of the architectural style and the design period it was built. The types of trim, windows, doors, frames and special details should also be checked out. Once you start the restoration, you may find some hidden touches and decorations that you will want to preserve. It will not only add personality to your revised look, it will also add value when it comes time to sell. Your local historical society will have some records that may give you some answers.

You will also need to reach out to the A two Z Windows and Doors team to determine what your budget allows, what needs to be done right away and what can wait.

Architectural Style – Which is it?

Depending on the settlement period of you municipality, your home may be classified as Colonial, Victorian, Ranch, Dutch or Craftsman style. There are clearly more styles, and we’ve got solutions to fit every one of them.

Figure out the historic touches

  • Look for the style and arch of the window and door frames, decorative glass and other touches that will match the original look as much as possible.

  • You can determine if you can find re-purposed materials or they can be custom made, such as iron grilles, panes, glass replacement pieces, etc.

  • Finding the original colours for trim, doors, walls and floors to keep consistency. If you are going after grant funding for your restoration, you will have to present this information to show compliance.

  • Research the best siding that is similar to your current style, or that is approved by the Heritage Foundation.

  • Roofing colours, textures and patterns may also be an important factor to consider when you restore your building.

Consider the Long Game

Just like your home has endured 100 years or more of all that live and nature handed out, you want your windows and doors to last as long. Think about energy efficiency, durability as well as warranty coverage. Limited warranties cover only for a short term until you sell your home, then it’s done. Lifetime warranties cover you as long as you own your home and then transfers seamlessly to the next owner once you decide to sell. That helps keep the performance going without compromising additional cost and continues to maintain and respect the home’s historical authenticity.

There are probably many more questions you have about restoring your historical home. Call the team at A two Z Windows and Doors team for all the insights you need at 403-257-DOOR (3667) or email

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